Chicken Arks – A Great Way of Keeping Free Range Chickens Safe

In districts where there are chicken predators such as foxes, owls, raccoons,or skunks, a chicken ark can be an ideal solution allowing them to graze and peck on new ground, and keeping them safe.

The run is enclosed, so the chickens are safe, but as the chicken ark is moved around, they get new ground to forage on. The roosting and nesting area is integral to the chicken ark so they have a sheltered area for night time. Even if predators can dig under the run, they can’t reach the chickens.

Let the chickens roam when you can keep an eye on them and put them in the run for protection when you fo out.

The bigger, taller chicken arks have a roosting and nesting space in the pointed part of the triangular shaped ark, with the run below in the wider part. This provides an enclosed run that is also shaded from the sun and provides some shelter in wet weather.

The other design of chicken ark has a roosting and nesting space one end in a triangular section enclosure with a triangular section run attached. This chicken ark design means the run is open to the elements – so the chickens get sun wind and rain, just like the free range outdoors. Your eggs will have all the nutritional value of free range eggs, and your chickens will be safe.

It is important to move the arks regularly though – every day if necessary.

Position the ark anywhere on your plot where the chickens can peck and graze fro grubs or grass and weeds.their diet will consist of a wide varity of foods, so the eggs will have more flavor.

You can give your rough ground a clear, or your flowerbeds a tidy up beofre winter, or let your chickne sfertilize your grass. Your ground will be fertilized, but as you move the chicken ark around, there will be no build-up of droppings.


The ‘run at the side’ type of chicken ark tends to be lighter and so easier to move, with the roosting part at ground level. They are simple to make and so are an excellent starter chicken house if you are a beginner.

Building your own chicken ark should result in an attractive, well-designed hen house, which will last for years, give you and your hens a lot of pleasure – and save you a considerable amount.