Options For Cat Boarding

Many people have heard of boarding a dog, but cat boarding is less common. Typically a cat will be left in the capable hands of a pet sitter, but if you can’t find a sitter and you need to travel somewhere for either work or pleasure then it may be a good idea to leave your cat in the capable hands of a professional cat boarding facility.

When you select a cat boarding facility you should make sure they are uniquely prepared to handle a cat. Ask if they are prepared to meet the exact care needs of a cat and look around the facility to find how they work with cats. This way you will feel confident when you leave your cat in the hands of a boarding facility that knows and appreciates cats.

Facility And Amenity Options

If you are going to be boarding your cat for the first time then it is a good idea to do your research first and know what to expect. Once you know what goes into a cat boarding facility then you will be better prepared to check out the facility. The three things you need to check about your cat boarding facility is the cages, playrooms and food.

The place of your pet cat should be secure because cats are master at eloping from nearly all types of environment. A premium cat boarding facility usually has separated regions for cats to rest and play and allow the pet to maintain it’s marked region. The minimum size of the cage should be at least three square feet and the cage should also posses smooth interiors to provide a comfortable living place.

If you are going to be boarding multiple cats then you should look into finding a facility that offers larger condos so your pets can enjoy spending some time together each day. This way your cats won’t suffer the added stress of being separated from each other and away from you at the same time.

The playrooms at a good cat boarding facility should be large with a wide variety of cat toys, scratching posts and climbing furniture. This way your cat will get good exercise and will be properly stimulated during their time in the facility. Make sure the facility also keeps a staff member in the play area so the cats won’t start fighting with others.

The final thing to keep in mind when checking a facility is what food they include for your pets stay. If they don’t carry the proper food for your cat then ask if they will allow you to provide your own food. Usually this will be okay, but you should check so that your cat will receive adequate and proper food while you are gone.

Other Factors To Include

You should always check for recommendations when choosing a cat boarding facility. Ask your friends and family members if they know of any good options. Make sure you observe how clean, comfort and friendly the area is so you will be able to judge how comfortable your cat will feel being left with them for a while. A good cat boarding facility should also have a veterinarian on staff and be willing to provide you with customer references.