Choosing Cat and Raise A Kitten

I chanced upon Cat Ownership 101: Secrets of Buying & Raising Cats not long back and was curious to take a look, so I coughed up the cash and bought it.  It ended up to be a great buy, and by any accounting at $9.99 had little downside to it.  It is a simply put but detailed examination of what you ought to understand about buying kitten and cat raising.  It’s easy to make big missteps when picking a kitten as companion and end up grievous when it fails to work.  Some research beforehand goes quite a long way towards paving that onward road with wonder instead of disappointment.

The book starts off with a survey of some of the more common cat breeds.   Do you want a highly active cat that will run the whole day?  Do you want an affectionate cat that likes to be cuddle?  Do you want a shy cat or friendly one?  After this is a overview of the benefits and problems of male, female, neuter or no, hair type – long or short, pure bred or mixed, and the decision of buying a kitten vs buying cat.  This discussion will prepare you on the road to selecting the cat breed that’s perfect for you.

Now we head into lots of useful tips and tricks on cat-proofing your home, helping your cat or kitten get used to your home and family, adjusting them into the swing of things slowly and consistently.  Cats can become stressed out with change and newness, so hurrying them along into unusual homes can have terrible effects on the settling in period.  You will be advised all about what supplies you will need to care for your new cat and the items you ought to purchase to make sure everything is safe.

The next interesting and informative topic is the exercisingand feeding of your pets.   About not underfeeding that energetic kitten to a full food plan for the mature cat and ways to keep them fit, you have lots of wonderful hints listed.  From there segue to cat health care concerns there, where you will learn about the common sicknesses that your cats can suffer from, all about visits to the vet, shots, spaying and neutering, grooming tips and what to do to keep them happy and healthy.

The next big section of the book covers expected feline behavioral patterns.  What does a cat’s non-verbal cues inform you about it’s mood?  Ear and tail cues in conjunction with vocal patterns enable you to communicate with your felines, and until they master human speech it’s going to be your lingua franca of choice.  For what reason do they knead us?What might clawing mean?  From here you will read how to help predict why your cats do what they do and help protect them from unsafe acts.

Finally, this book finishes up with listings of feline support organizations that you might need and a informative glossary of cat related words and acronyms that refer to felines and detailed definitions you should understand.  All in all, I was quite impressed with the book and found it extremely informative.  I am glad to endorse this handy and practical book, and it’s without a doubt a bargain at only $9.99!  Visit the Cat Ownership 101: Secrets of Buying & Raising Cats order page for further details and ordering information. It is an easy reading but detailed study of what you must learn about choosing a cat breed and raise a kitten that you without a doubt must read!