Pot Belly Pigs For Sale: Looking For Exotic Pets

A lot of potbelly pig owners think that their pets are the cutest animals in the world. They would cite the great qualities of the potbelly pig such as its cleanliness, highly affectionate nature, its intelligence which is considered to be the fourth smartest in the animal kingdom. Some have been even trained to use the litter box and they have a life span of 4 to 15 years. The typical potbelly pig can come in different patterns; they have a large snout, sharp tusks, and durable hooves. They are so lovable that a lot of would be pet owners inquire where they can find potbelly pigs for sale. Finding a potbelly pig can be quite a challenge. They are not as common as dogs or cat and due to this, it is very difficult to find one.

The first step that you can do is to call the local farm bureau or their extension agents. They can provide you a list of farms or locations where you can find potbelly pigs for sale. Extension agents or the 4-H club can point you the right way by referring you to breeders or giving you the date and venue of a livestock auction where you look for potbelly pigs for sale.

You can also look for a reputable breeder. They may have available potbelly pigs for sale. Make sure you do business with a reputable and legitimate breeder. First time pet owners would have a hard time distinguishing whether the potbelly pig is of good stock, or if they are buying a sick pig. Hence, it is essential to consult with the local farm bureau.

You can also check the Internet to locate potbelly pigs for sale. You will discover that there is quite a number of breeders and owners who are willing to sell their potbelly pigs. You can check out the photos on the online pet site. Some breeders would require you to deposit 50 to 200 dollars as a reservation fee. They would just deduct it from the normal price range of 300 to 400 dollars.

One option where you don’t need to shell out any cash is to adopt homeless pigs from sanctuaries and shelters The pigs are in good health and condition; they may have just been given up by their previous owners because they can no longer afford to maintain such exotic pets. You can surely save a lot of money since most shelters give their pigs for free.

Make sure you have adequate research on potbelly pigs before acquiring one so your pig and you can start on the right hoof.