Bearded Dragon Cages

Bearded dragons are commonly kept as pets and therefore they need a shelter where you can leave them be. It is ideal that you prepare bearded dragon cages before you buy the actual lizard itself so that the animal already has a proper place to rest by the time you buy it and take it home. Here are some advice on how to setup bearded dragon cages.

The first thing that you need to consider In preparing bearded dragon cages is the size of the enclosure that you will need. If you intend to buy a baby bearded dragon, then you can get a 20-US-gallon enclosure but it will be outgrown by the lizard in just 3-4 months. You can opt to buy a 40 gallon “Breeder” if you intend to buy an adult bearded dragon, or if you want to spare yourself the trouble of changing bearded dragon cages in the future.

You can use fish tanks as a bearded dragon cage, although it is more recommended if you use an enclosure with only one glass side. The purpose of this is to lower the visibility of the outside world and to prevent a curious bearded from trying to escape.

Also, take note that the “Breeder” bearded dragon cage takes a large amount of space since bearded dragons are terrestrial lizards and need room to run around on. Make sure that your house can accommodate such enclosures that take up a lot of space.

Once you already have decided on an enclosure for the bearded dragon, there are certain things that you need to secure in order to make bearded dragon cages habitable by these lizards. And since bearded dragons live in hot and dry areas, you need to keep the enclosure heated at all times. You can do this by putting heated pad underneath the bearded dragon cage and a heating lamp above it. For the heating lamp, you can use fluorescent lamp, incandescent lamp, and UV lamp as they all give off heat. You can also put a thermometer inside the bearded dragon cage in order to keep track of the temperature in it at all times, so that you can make the necessary adjustments if you notice that the cage is starting to get colder.