Bearded Dragon Life Expectancy

When planning to get a bearded dragon as your pet, make sure that you are prepared to take care of it for a long amount of time. It is because a bearded dragon life expectancy can reach for up to 10-20 years when taken care of properly. This article will discuss some tips on how to take care of your pet lizard so that it will reach the maximum bearded dragon life expectancy.

The first thing that you can do so that your pet can attain the life expectancy of a bearded dragon is by feeding it the appropriately. The right balance between insects and vegetables are dependent on the age of the bearded dragon. As a general rule, a young bearded dragon eats more insects while an adult eats more vegetables. In addition, you should not feed your bearded dragon fireflies, citrus fruits, tomato, avocado and rhubarb as they can be very dangerous for your pet.

The next thing that you can do to ensure that your pet reaches the bearded dragon life expectancy is by protecting your pet from impaction. Impaction can lead to the death of your pet bearded dragon so it’s best if you can protect it from the risks that can cause the condition. To do this, you need to use the appropriate substrate for the enclosure, not feeding the bearded dragon foods that are too big or chitinous insects, and always maintaining appropriate temperature of the cage. This way they can digest their food more properly and prevent digestive blockages from happening.

Another way of making sure that your pet attains the bearded dragon life expectancy is by taking care of your dragon when it is sick. Whenever you notice certain behavioral and physiological changes in your pet like lethargy, rapid weight loss, and lack of appetite, you need to consult an animal health expert immediately so that you’ll know the necessary actions to take. You may also need to find a reptile veterinarian as those that usually looks after traditional pets like cats and dogs have a different specialization.

Taking care of a bearded dragon is easy and you only need to keep in mind these simple reminders to ensure that your pet attains the bearded dragon life expectancy.