What Is Feliway?

While Feliway Spray sounds like a way to get rid of cats, it is in all reality a pheromone scent intended to prevent cats from urinating in inappropriate places. When your cat decides to pee outside the litter area, you do have a trouble, since cat urine is one of the highly terrible pet odors. Feliway uses the facial pheromones to stop litter box malfunctions, but also Feliway for Cats has a big relaxing effect for relaxing nervous felines.

How Does Feliway for Cats Work?

Feliway Spray is is constructed from the Feline Facial Pheromones combined with an ethanol spray. These exact same facial pheromones are used in a constant manner by all cats in order to show their territory. Other animals in the area can recognize such pheromones from a distance and learn of claimed territory. Cats usually don’t to pee to mark territory when it’s already been claimed, so this will reduce inappropriate urination. Kitties place these pheromones onto objects by rubbing their face or foot pads up on them. If you’ve ever had your little friend rub their top of their head on you, now you know specifically what was really happening. When people say their moggies own them, that’s undoubtedly the case. Feliway essentially duplicates this effect.

What Will Feliway Fix?

  • Urinating outside the litter area
  • Spray marking of territory by non-spayed/neutered pets
  • Helps calm those who are stressed out
  • Can stop daily squabbling
  • Helping bring in cats to new places

A usual view by relieved users on the net are that it’s a awesome product. Don’t forget however that these issues can be caused by illnesses, so you be aware that Feliway for cats isn’t necessarily an end-all though it usually prevent the symptoms. Pets can act in a confusing manner that we sometimes don’t grasp how to correct, but it’s a sure bet that Feliway will help.