Should you thought about making a home for a former Greyhound racer?

Greyhounds are wonderful animal racers.  As they work and perform throughout their racing careers, they normally work until they are between 1.5 and 4 years old.  Throughout this time, they become accustomed to being walked and lead on a leash, so upon retirement from their racing lives, they make gentle pets!

As a former athlete, they are smart, quiet, calm, clean, gentle, and generally good-natured and happy to adapt to a new home environment.  They respond well to positive attention and reinforcement and thus they are a joy to train and work with for the new homes they become a part of.

Greyhounds love attention and although they do need exercise, they do not need as much room to run as many might think.  Inside the house, they like to curl up in a corner on a soft blanket.  They are quiet creatures and very well behaved inside a home and around people.

Greyhounds spend most of their life with other dogs, trainers, and handlers, so they are very sociable animals and get along well with others.  Their temperament makes them an wonderful breed to be around children.  Their intelligence and dedication make them an perfect companion.  And because they are well mannered, they are great around company and in public.

There is probably a local Greyhound Pets of America chapter near you.  So think about adopting a former Greyhound racer.  For more information, check out the Tucson greyhound racing.  Different clubs have different requirements and fees, but all will welcome you to come visit and learn more about whether a Greyhound might be right for you!

You can also help by volunteering your time.  All local chapters need volunteers to help with care, vet appointments, and even just shopping for doggie supplies.  Of course, monetary donations are also valuable, but your time and love is needed most!