Raising Pot Belly Pigs: Profit Or Pleasure

If you want to start raising potbelly pigs, then you should pay attention to every detail and do some background check on them. Before deciding on getting one and raising it, you should take time to do some excessive research. Though they are highly intelligent and affectionate pets, it is not for everyone. They have a whirlwind romance with their pet especially if it the pigs are still cute and cuddly but once the pigs grow old and loses its cuteness, the luster of the relationship fades. There are also who buy potbelly pigs yet they have no inkling on how to take care of them and the pigs just end up in shelters and sanctuaries. If you are still insistent and you think you can commit to having a relationship with a potbellied pig, by all means try adopting one since a lot of piglets need a home.

The first thing you should do when raising potbelly pigs is to check local ordinances and zoning laws. There are zoning restrictions that consider the potbellied pigs as livestock therefore you should be either living in a farm or have a tract of land before you can start raising potbelly pigs.

When you manage to accomplish the legal implications of raising potbelly pigs, the next task would be learning what and when to feed the pig. Diet and nutrition should be given to the potbellied pigs so they won’t be encountering any health problems. You can include fruits and vegetables for variety but do not feed it with sugary snacks, especially chocolate. The pigs should have unlimited access to drinking water anytime and anywhere since drinking is just one of their ways of cooling down.

The bedding area of the potbelly pig should be comfortable. This is essential when raising potbelly pigs because they are sensitive to cold. 75 to 90 degrees is the preferred temperature for the pig’s housing. Raising potbelly pigs require you to provide an area in your yard where they can play and root. This type of behavior is natural instinct for them that is why if you have the means, try also giving them a wet area where they can lie and cool off. Keep on adding water to the muddy area.

You should also bring the potbelly pigs to the vet, for their immunization and checkups, this is a part of raising potbelly pigs. Have also the vet trim the hooves, tusks, and the canine teeth pulled off to prevent unintentional accidents.

Raising potbelly pigs requires a lot of patience and dedication but all these things would be worth it when the pigs reciprocate your sacrifices with their affection.