What Are Teacup Pot Belly Pigs?

If you live in a constricted space yet you still want to own a pig as a pet, then you should look at the teacup potbelly pig. Their claim to fame is their small stature, smaller than regular farm and even potbellied pigs. Teacup pigs don’t grow that big, they reach about the size of a small spaniel with oversize ears and snouts that are colored pink that could surely attract the fancy of animal lovers. Though the ideal teacup potbelly pig should weigh 65 lbs when fully grown, it can still have the capacity to add excess weight of 90 lbs and height of 21 inches.

Due to their high intelligence and affectionate nature, teacup potbelly pigs make enjoyable pets. According to statistics, it is the fourth smartest animal, and pet owners prefer them for their sweet, docile and intelligent nature. They can be trained easily and are surprisingly clean, odor-free and non-allergenic too.

One of the problems in having them is they have a tendency to get bored thus leading to a lot of destructive habits and behavior. If you feel that you can overcome the advantages over the disadvantages of owning a teacup potbelly pig, then by all means either buy or adopt one.

The first step that you should do if you want to own a teacup potbelly pig is check the zoning laws whether it is legal to raise potbelly pigs in your area. Contact a reputable dealer who breeds teacup pigs for sale so that you won’t be fooled into buying a sick or malnourished pig.

If you can afford it, buy a pair of teacup potbelly pigs because this specie are social animals, they love company. If you have other pets in your farm or household, one teacup potbelly pig will do. When fixing their living space, make sure that they have space to play and root. They should have access to fresh water all the time because drinking is one way for them to cool off. Teacup potbelly pigs can have fruits and vegetables in their diet but they should not consume any meat or meat products. You can inquire with a veterinarian the proper nutritional and diet of a teacup potbelly pig.

Teacup potbelly pigs can be great pets, just provide them with patience and care and they would surely reward you with their affection.