Where To Get Free Pot Belly Pigs

If you want to avail of free pot belly pigs, you can adopt one from the animal shelter. During the mid 90s when the potbelly pigs were imported from China and Vietnam via Canada, its popularity was unprecedented. Unfortunately, potbelly pig owners did not do their homework and they end up abandoning their pets because they can no longer care for them. After the enthusiasm subsides, people would realize that not everyone has the patience and dedication to take care of the potbelly pigs so they would just abandon their pets to shelters and sanctuaries. If you want to obtain free potbelly pigs, think hard first before bringing one home.

Potbelly pigs are ideal pets unfortunately they are not for everyone. This may be due to various reasons, ranging from zoning laws, to unpreparedness and lack of commitment from the part of pet owners. If you have really decided in taking care of pot belly pigs, then you can adopt free potbelly pigs from shelters and sanctuaries. This entire free potbelly pigs require adoptive families and investing in them would surely result in positive gains.

The initial process is to double check with city hall or your local SPCA if your area is allowed to raise potbelly pigs. If you don’t have any zoning problems then consult the list of shelters that NAPPA (North American Potbellied Pig Association) recommend.

The Internet and other websites are also great sources for obtaining free potbelly pigs. There are photos available and you can locate the listings near your region, view them and even read available biographies.

Select a pot-bellied pig to adopt. Even though they’re free potbelly pigs, you still need to pick a healthy piglet since they won’t mature after three years old. Take the initiative to research on the pigs background, check its blood tests so you won’t end up with a sick dog.

Fix your house so it can welcome the free potbelly pig. You can ask a veterinarian for their diet and nutrition, and make sure that the house is pig proof. Provide a place outside of the house where they can satisfy their natural instincts like playing, rooting and waddling. Owning a potbelly pig is a full time commitment but rest assured, because of their high intelligence and extremely affectionate character, your free potbelly pig would give you a priceless relationship.