Hamster Cages: The best set-up

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So you have a newcomer to the family, a cute little hamster. Like all pets, we want to make our little friend happy. Hamsters can be playful little critters and just like us what they love most is to have a good time. It is important to provide them with happy homes (hamster cages).

Hamsters can be quite sensitive and stressed out. Hamsters are uncomplicated little guys. They are very easy to please if you know how.

You will guarantee your hamster’s happiness simply by providing some toys – a wheel being the first and best choice – and good bedding and nesting material.

Bedding material is needed for practical purposes too. It soaks up the urine making it easier for you to clean up and also keeps yucky smells at bay (well, mostly anyway). The most widely used bedding material is wood shavings. Warning: hamsters are particularly allergic to a chemical which is found in cedar shavings, so be sure to avoid them. Hamsters can be allergic to pine shavings. Stay clear from any scented materials actually to be safe. The best bedding material: the commonly used wood pulp.

Hamsters like sleeping all day long. Some shredded paper towel will provide your hamster with a nice bed to sleep on – which is safe too.

Unfortunately it is not safe to take your hamster around the block for a walk. Wouldn’t that be fun though? Hmasters have to stay fit as much as anybody else. Therefore having a wheel in their hamster cages is very important for their well being. And you can watch them go round for hours!

To reduce the chance of injury to your hamster chose a solid hamster wheel with entry holes, instead of a wire one which can be a trap for their little feet.

Hamsters love to hunt around for their own food. When feeding them try and sprinkle their food around their cage so they can find it themselves. An exciting environment with lots to do willensure they are mentally fit at all times.

Always remeber to top up water bottles! All that foraging and wheel running can make them pretty thirsty.

So there you go. You now know how to set-up the perfect hamster cages for your hamsters. There are plenty of options for additional toys. tubes, ramps, balls, etc.