Feliway Comfort Zone Plug-in

A Feliway plug ins are the surest method to get a continuous cycle of feline facial pheromones into the airways and surrounding areas of your home.  The Feliway plug ins is a system designed to, as it sounds, diffuse into your room the Feliway for cats.  Plug in the Feliway diffuser to your plugs to help diffusion happiness for your stressed out kitties and they will once again be calmed Cats.

Your Feliway plug in is part of a large array of cures for many common pet ailments relating to cat stress.To be sure, Feliway is a synthetic feline facial pheromone that eases and calms unhappy felines.  Rooms where your cats sense this pheromone are understood as happy and safe, sort of like travelling to their warm hideout in the vicinity of the diffuser.  Feliway plug ins can be used for eliminating inappropriate urination, relaxing your precious moggies during a journey or adjustment to to new locations, when new cats to each other in a house with several cats, and typically reducing issues that we typically find when too many cats are in not enough proximity.  It must be said that this will certainly contribute to a lessening in the stress level of the humans who may be cohabitating with these cats, as well.

While you want to use the Feliway diffuser spray on specific, particular spots where your pet has urinated (not, of course, the litter box!), the Feliway plug in is used to provide area coverage for a more general sense of calming and relaxation.  The Feliway diffuser goes into the wall socket, and you plug in a bottle of the Feliway spray.  This works in a very similar fashion to plug in air fresheners, except you don’t smell it.  By the way, using a spray that isn’t the intended will certainly cause issues with the diffuser, as it is arranged to work with that specific spray and not others.

Used to combat urination or spraying problems, the Feliway electric diffuser needs to go in the rooms where the urination issue has happened, and a intense cleaning of the room taken care of.  Remember, cats can detect traces of their urine well after it is gone from your sense of smell, and you want the Feliway plug ins to prevent that.

For mood difficulties and appetite concerns, you need to put a Feliway diffuser in the location that cats are regularly in.  It ought to be placed in an open area so the spray can sufficiently diffuse, so be aware not to put it behind furniture or curtains.  It should go out in the open.  A Feliway plug can suffuse a area of up to 60 square meters.

For difficulties with cat integration or stress concerns in the multi-cat household, you may want to using many Feliway diffusers and locate them in disparate rooms where the cats usually gather.  It is not a necessity to cover the whole house with the Feliway diffusers, though definitely the common areas and any rooms where particularly worried cats often hide out should be covered so as to receive the maximum benefit, with a Feliway plug ins each section.

Another issue to be careful of with the Feliway diffuser is that they tend to heat up in the area of the actual diffuser. Feliway diffuser device is designed such that it’s surface is heated up to assist the spray to mist throughout a room.  Keep it away from the furnishings and curtains or draperies, or your kitties happiness may be the minorest of your worries.  It’s always good to be prudent with your Feliway plug ins and your household.