How Hard is it Toilet Training Cats?

Toilet training cats is not as difficult as many people usually think. A lot of people are under the impression that cat training is difficult. The key point is that you need to have an insight into your cats personality.

There are a few things that you will need to understand first if you want to toilet train your cat.

First of all you need to understand something about your cat. Your cat will ignore this behaviour from you. Show the cat that you are not happy by the tone in your voice, but only if you see your cat doing something that you don't want it to do. It's pointless reprimanding your pet unless you catch it in the act.

Cats like any other animal live for the day and don't dwell about their past or future. If you find your cat making a mess on the floor, please don't attempt to rub the cats nose into it. Your cat will just learn not to approacg you.

Back to toilet training cats, you can toilet train your cat in a week or it might take a month or so. It all depends on your cat and your relationship with it.

The first thing that you will need to do if you want to toilet train your cat is to move its litter tray next to your toilet. You do this because your cat will get used to the sight of the toilet.

You will have to purchase a toilet training bowl. This is just a small bowl that fits inside a regular toilet. You would then place some cat litter in this bowl. Then you should pick up your cat and put it onto the bowl. The odds on your cat stopping on the bowl or using it at this time are pretty small.

Your cat will naturally do this, so don't be put off by this. This will just result in your cat distancing itself from you. The next step would be to place your cat on the bowl every other day, if your cat starts to use it, then its great. If your cat refuses to use the bowl, then you will need to remove all litter trays from your home.

When your cat realises that there are no litter trays available then it will remember the bowl in your toilet that contains cat litter and start to use it. Toilet training cats is a matter of patience and the ability to understanding the cat temperament.

The first time you catch your cat using the toilet, make sure that you make a fuss over it. A lot of the time cats seem aloof, but they do form a bond with people and do like to be made a fuss of. Another thing is that your cat will come to understand that by acting in a certain way will result in getting rewarded.

Regardless whether its toilet training for cats or any other sort of training to find a solution for your cats problems, the thing to keep in mind is that cat training works.