How To Bring Cat And Dog Together?

Cats and dogs have been known to be enemies forever however, there are many people who have pets cats and dogs in the same house; how do they live happily ever after, let us find out the secret behind it.

Are Cats And Dogs Eternal Enemies

All animals have an built in defensive system against animals or things that pose danger to them and in this case, cats tend to react first as dogs are usually larger then them and they feel threatened and this is what we usually witness when a cat meets a dog for the first time, the cat will hiss or even attack and then run away and hide; the dog follows simple because he or she is curious and not because he or she wants to attack in most cases.

Now days many pet owners have conquered this hurdle of so called animosity between the dog and cat with simple yet effective techniques.

Methods To Bring Cats And Dogs Together

The best way to make the cat and dog friends is when you bring them up together from the stages of pup and kitten, as at that age they are not capable to judge threats and therefore usually will confuse their so called enemy with their own and thus, become inseparable friends.

The difficult part is when the cat and dog are already adults and are brought together as they are already in built instincts, which are usually extremely hard to alter so, it will have to be approached gradually and very tactfully. The cat is the one that reacts first because the size of the dog scares him or her so, you will almost always have to make the dog sit or lay down before introducing your cat to him or her.

Refrain from artificially bringing your cat and dog together as it might result in hostile scratches on your and dogs body, it is advisable to invite your cat to join as you pat and cuddle your dog, this demonstrates your friendliness towards both the pets.

When feeding your pets is yet another great time to try and bring the cat and dog closer and that is by feeding them close together; usually when the pets are hungry they will not bother much with who is present next to them especially after you have taken the time to introduce them several times.