Merits Of Having Cats

Cats are among the best pets that one can have, as you don’t have to go for it’s outdoor walks and daily exercise, it can stay in comfortably in small houses if you provide food and fresh water when required. Hence, most of us appreciates cats as ideal pet for all the advantages we saw, they are one of the most loving and elegant creatures of this planet.

The Disadvantage Of Having A Cat

The only disadvantage of having a cat is acquiring or triggering cat allergy, which usually occurs from the dander and cat hair. You may not know you have cat allergy until you get a cat and encounter the following symptoms: shortness or breath, itchiness, watery eyes, blurry vision and sneezing or wheezing when in the presence of your cat or in the place where he or she shed hairs.

Cat allergy can be very painful and dangerous at times especially if you have any other medical conditions, which can be aggravated by the allergies therefore you must immediately take measures to combat the symptoms and enjoy your cat’s company.

Dealing With Cat Allergies

The first thing you will need to do is ensure your house is ventilated at all times; a good air filter will clean up the air and animal dander considerable providing you with breathable air. Grooming of your cat should be done by another family member if possible and also outside the house or where you spend most of your time, as during grooming a lot of the hair and dander will be air borne and that can affect your allergies significantly.

If the allergy of your cat persists long, you must get proper advise and medicine from a Vet, which is the best solution to this problem. Even after taking drugs or shots, it is important you still continue to ensure that the house is always properly cleaned as well as the air filter always running in order not to activate your allergies again.

Helpful Tip

Cat allergy can be fatal especially if you are suffering from respiratory diseases therefore, it is important you consider spending sometime in your pet’s presence before you acquire it and that will be the best way to know whether you can have a cat pet or not.

Cats are exceptional pets and many people are ready to pay exorbitant price for it, in most cases allergy drugs will help subdue the symptoms, it is advisable to be cautious if your allergy gets aggravated and.