Selecting Name of a Kitten

Whether you are a first time cat owner or you have had cats before, it can be a difficult process to select an appropriate cat name. If you have had cats before you have no doubt experienced issues in selecting a cat name, Henry soon became Henretta. Perhaps you named a cat Tiny and later they outgrew their name. By following a few ideas you can find the perfect cat name for your four legged companion.

Quite a few pet owners derive a name for their cat from things or areas of the vicinity. Cats have been named after people, song titles, movies and other things that appeal to their owners. One thing is for sure there are more methods to choose a cats name that the number of breeds of cats available.

Choosing A Cat Name

Anyone who has had a cat knows how independent they can be and if you are a first time cat owner you will soon find out the range of their independence. Consequently cats used to a routine and often difficult to train. Dogs are easy to name since it is known that they hear hard consonants. However, cats typically learn a name better when it is only two syllables or names that end in ‘ie’ or ‘y’ which makes it a little more difficult to choose a cat name.

As Cats carry themselves gracefully an aristocratic long name always suits them. However, if you select on of these names for your cat you will soon find yourself shortening it for every day use. Sometimes when a name has to be shortened it may not sound good or it may not be the type of cat name you originally had in mind. Therefore, you should consider this when naming your cat.

Kitten Names

If you are getting a new kitten then you should be even more careful with choosing a name. People typically think of naming their kittens after their cute appearance. However, you should keep in mind that kittens quickly turn into cats and the name you selected may no longer work. You do not want your cat to be stuck with a name that doesn’t match them for the rest of their life. Changing name may also create confusion in the cat’s mind and your pet might lose it’s interest in you completely.

While finalising a Cat name the right stratergy is to take your own sweet time. It process gets simplified if you resist the instict of eary name selection and wait for a week or so and consider all available options. Take a little bit of time to sit back and watch your cats character and personality. However, always keep in mind that the name you select for your cat will also be the one that you are calling out in the middle of the night when neighbors might be able to hear. So choose your cat name carefully.