Selecting Toys for Cat

You’ve shopped for Aunt Suzie, you’ve shopped for the kids, did you by anything new for Mister Pickles your cat?Can you recall when was the last time you bought any thing of significance for your pet to play with?  And here you are yelling at him again for tearing up the carpet, or knocking the ornaments off of the Christmas tree.  Get the poor guy a new cat toy! 

Cat Toy Options

Which one should you by him?  You see all of these toys in the aisle, some with bells, some with cat nip, some that are just plush mouse shaped cat toys.  The options are almost limitless, or so it seems.Will he appreciate it?  Will it annoy you?How much time would he take to lose it?  These are some of the things to consider when you’re shopping for a new cat toy. 

If you’re not a fan of anything that makes jingling noises , but know that your cat would be crazy about it, try getting him a ball with some sort of foil or mirror in it that will reflect light.  This will give the same sort of interactive idea that cats love.
Cat nip can be almost as entertaining for you as it is for your cat.The drug Cat nip has contrasting effects of cats making them hyperactive or at times making them behave like alcohol intoxicated.It is better to give a little and observe it’s reaction, it is quite possible that they might give you run for your life with their new shot of energy.  Also, make a mental note that if you buy your cat the cute little animal shaped cat toys with the cat nip inside, they will probably completely annihilate the cat toy trying to get to the cat nip.You might consider buying a few form the store you have visited. 

Another great option for a monitored cat toy that will allow you to interact with your furry friend as well as give hours of entertainment to the both of you, is a simple laser pointer.  You’ve seen them, they’re small enough to fit on your key chain, and it shoots a red dot from across the room.  You’ll have your cat chasing that thing all over the house, and up the walls.  And this is a toy they can’t tear up.  These are just a few of the many options out there to consider when Christmas shopping for a new cat toy this year.