The Most Effective Way to Train Your Cat

You may feel that training your cat is too hard or that it requires special skills. This idea comes from the fact that cats are independent creatures. Of course cats do come across as being very independent, but training them can be done pretty easily. You can change any cats behavior problems with the right cat pet training techniques.

One of the main reasons that cat pet training seems difficult is that your cat probably doesn’t understand what you asking of it. Cat pet training involves patience and time. You cannot use the same training methods that you would use on a dog, on a cat. A dog will normally try to please you in some way after it has been told off, a cat on the other hand will not respond to being told off. There is a good change that will not acknowledge your presence, and not bother coming near you in the future.

The perfect way to train your cat will be by using methods of reward. When you see your cat behaving in a good way, it is important to give it plenty of praise. When you see your cat doing something that you don't want it to do, you should simply ignore your pet and don't give it any attention at all. This way your cat will soon learn that if it behaves in a certain way, it will get rewarded through praise, attention or treats. It will also come to realise that there is no rewards on offer for other types of behavior.

At the end of the day, all of us want attention, love, and rewards. Cats are not so different, you just need to use methods that your cat will understand for it to behave differently. Training a kitten is easier than waiting until it gets older, but that doesn't mean that older cats cannot be trained to change their behaviors. It will probably take a little more time and a little more patience, depending on your cats temperament. However you will be able to change your cats behavior.

The obvious thing that you will want your cat to do, is to come to you when you call it. Always make sure that your cat cannot be distracted by anything else when you are trying to do this. This way your cat will be focused on just one thing. You need a commanding word gor this exercise. Don't use more than 1 or 2 words. Only use a couple of words to your cat and try not to have a conversation with it. Keep it simple and short.

Once you have chosen a word, think about the tone of your voice. This is important for training your cat. Your cat cannot really understand all the words that you will use, but it will understand the tone that you use. Try to make your voice sound as if you are really pleased. Hold a treat that you know your cat will like, and sit or kneel down on the floor. The reason for this is that you make yourself smaller and this is less intimidating.

Call to your cat in a loving voive. When your cat comes to you, make sure that you praise it. Try moving to different places and continue to repeat the exercise. This exercise reaps great rewards in a fairly short time, just make sure that you try to do this everday for a few minutes.

Training your cat is not hard, it's more about training yourself. You can easily train your cat and change your cats behavior problems, with a little time and patience. Read the complete cat training review which shows you the most effective methods of cat training.