Which Cat Breed is Right for You?

Choosing a cat breed can be a bit daunting, especially if you don’t know very much about cats! When considering which breed of cat you like best, you must be sure to choose a breed that will best suit your lifestyle. Some breeds require more physical activity than others, and some require much more grooming. Look below to find the top five most popular cat breeds. Not only will we discuss the personality type of each breed, but also the grooming responsibilities required.

The Oriental is one of the most popular cat breeds around. This breed is a very intelligent, loyal companion and tends to bond deeply with its family. It has large, pointed ears, and although its body is very sleek, it is still quite a muscular breed.

One of the most popular cat breeds for a family is the American Shorthair. The American shorthair originally was a breed known for its hunting skills, mostly for mouse hunting, which explains the lithe muscular structure and short hair. They do need a little exercise, but most are quite happy being a lap cat.

The Birman breed is thought to have originated from Burma. It is perhaps best recognized by its blue eyes, white body, and smoky-brown face, ears, legs, and tail. Birmans possess a long, sturdy body structure with extensive, mat-resistant hair. They love to play and are quite gentle. They are affectionate without being too needy.

If you’re looking for a very loving, snuggly cat, then a Sphynx may be the breed for you. Although they look like they have no fur, they actually have a suede-like fur all over their body. As they don’t have much hair to protect their skin, they should strictly be kept indoors. Extra care may be required to keep a cat of this breed nice and toasty, as the lack of a furry coat allows them to become too cold.

A very mild and gentle cat breed is the Ragdoll, appropriately named such as it can be quite floppy and relaxed when picked up. If you love a cat that accompanies you from room to room, this breed would likely be a wonderful match for you. They make an excellent companion for children as they are very gentle whilst playing around.

{Now that you have a better idea about the most popular, yet very different, cat breeds out there, hopefully you find choosing a cat to be a little less daunting than before. Be sure to remember that lifestyles are important factors to consider; so if you aren’t very active, you probably shouldn’t choose a cat that requires a lot of activity, and vice versa. Hopefully you have a better understanding of which type of cat would be best for you. Just keep in mind the requirements that each breed can demand, and be sure that whichever cat you choose, you are up to maintaining it. The best rule of thumb to go by is to choose a cat whose activity levels and lifestyle best match your own.}