Pink leather dog collar

It Shouldn’t Happen To A Dog: Pink Leather Dog Collars

Pink leather dog collars exemplify all that is wrong with modern society, and not just on an aesthetic level. You do have to wonder what the dog thinks when made to wear a monstrosity like a spiked pink leather dog collar. Dogs must really love us in order to not kill us for having to go out in public dressed like that. Although dogs aren’t color blind, they also don’t seem to care what color they wear. It’s only people that insist on pink designer leather dog collars.

Trying To Improve On Nature

Not that Pepto-Bismol pink leather dog collars aren’t an assault to the eyeballs, but they also show the arrogance of the human race. Leather is an incredible material. It’s tough, it’s attractive and it smells good. It also is very comfortable, once you break it in a little. But it does not come in pink. Although leather is often superior to other clothing materials, because it is not in pink makes it not good enough.

Just stop and think about all of the wasted materials, labor and effort that go into making pink leather dog collars – or pink leather anything, for that matter. You have to have the land to raise crops to feed the cow or sheep. You then have to raise the cow or sheep and then kill it, skin it and have the leather go through a special process called “curing”. You also need to stretch and condition the leather during this time.

And then, you have to coat it in pink. Generally, you have to cover the leather in another material (usually not as tough) in order to just make the leather pink. This often cracks off long before the leather underlay wears out. But hey – it’s pink!

Other Canine Fashion Faux “Paws”

I you are going to insist on making your dog wear a pink leather dog collar, then please be sure your dog is a girl. They say dogs can’t understand human language beyond a few words, but they sure know when they are being laughed at. Once a human starts to snicker, that human’s dog then joins in to tease the boy dog that is forced to wear pink because the owner thinks it’s “cute”.

On a more serious note, please do not get any kind of dog collar with rhinestones, diamonds or small sparkly things that can easily pop off of the collar. Dogs are like babies in that they explore the world through their mouths. Dogs have been known to choke to death on the shiny attachments that have come off of fashion dog collars.