Saint Bernard Puppy Care Takes Patience

Saint Bernard puppy training will take a lot of patience from its new family. Although cute and cuddly with a large tongue and lots of fur, this pup has a very fast growth rate. He will be a bear of a puppy in no time at all. The Saint Bernard’s fast growth is a trait within the Saint Bernard breed. This fast growth rate leads to serious deterioration of the bones if the dog does not get proper food and exercise in his early months and years.

The majority of Saint Bernard dogs are eventually afflicted with hip dysplasia or osteosarcoma. So, it is extremely important in Saint Bernard puppy care, that your puppy get the correct amount of nutrients and the proper exercise.  Other than this one specific trait, the care of Saint Bernard puppies is not that unusual to any other breed of puppy.

The Early Weeks

The early weeks of your Saint Bernard puppy care should be limited to enjoyment of master and dog.  Puppies are like infants and are unable to learn in the early weeks. So have plenty of toys for your puppy and lots of playtime with master. Saint Bernard puppies grow so large that they need a lot of socialization throughout their young lives.  The environment and treatment of the puppy in his early years will have a big impact on his personality and social skills later in life. Without socialization in the early years, these dogs can become quite aggressive. Obviously, families do not need a big aggressive dog as a family pet.

A Big Bundle of Energy

Saint Bernard puppies are great big bundles of energy. They need proper nutrition because of their active lifestyle.  Your Saint Bernard dog training should consist of high quality dog food. This food will help keep your puppy happy and healthy.  Your vet or local pet store can recommend the best food for your Saint Bernard puppy care. Puppies that are 8 to 12 weeks old need to be fed three or four times a day.  Puppies that are 3 to 6 months old need to be fed three times a day, and puppies 6 to 12 months old need to be fed twice a day.

After getting on a proper feeding and exercise schedule, it is probably time to begin training. The best way to train your puppy is in a positive and consistent manner. Housebreaking your puppy is a big part of your Saint Bernard puppy care.

Taking him outside often, and especially after he has eaten, will make it an easier experience on both of you. A firm “go” when outside is a good idea. Keep your puppy within sight as much as possible when indoors, and if you don’t catch him within 30 seconds of  ‘going’ indoors, do not bother scolding him.

Eventually, your puppy will catch on and your Saint Bernard puppy care will be successful. Remember to enjoy this ‘little’ puppy time, because your little puppy comes from a large-breed category. In no time, your puppy will become the king of your household.