Some Great Tips For Dog Behavior Training

One of the many things you have to deal with in bringing your pet into your house is the problem of dog behaviour training for destructive chewing

Dogs carry out destructive chewing for three main reasons, they are simply bored, they find it pleasurable to do so, or they find it helps get them through emotional times. The nearest human equivalent for which might be to consume a bar of chocolate!

Anything that gets in the way of this chewing normally ends up in poor state. If you think about it there are lots of sharp, pointed teeth in your dog's mouth and they generally get the better of anything put in their way.

Your prized possessions are a target for a dog that likes chewing, never allow her to chew anything other than her own toys.

How To Avoid Your Possessions Being Destroyed

The first tip for dog behavior training is to not place valuable objects in the way of temptation. If you have ev er baby proofed your house then you know what to do here. Why tempt fate.

In addition, when hiding things be aware of just how agile your dog is. How high can she reach when standing on her back legs for example?

Consider that common targets in the home include books, eyewear, clothing, shoes, garbage, and small appliances like cameras, cell phones, and remote controls.

It should not need saying that food needs to be put away very securely. When considering what to do with food in the kitchen the safest bet is to assume that your dog will reach all but the tallest cupboards and will always get packaging open.

The phrase prevention is better than cure applies to dog behaviour training too, if your dog is not given the opportunity to discover the delights of chewing a forbidden item then it is a lot easier for her to learn your house rules.

Allowing your dog to carry on some old habits can seriously undermine your training efforts. Once she has the taste do not be surprised to find shoes you care about being treated to the same destructive chewing.

Getting some doggy toys is a good way of helping your dog understand that those are hers to play with, not any of your own stuff. Take a look around your local pet store for tough items such as rubber bones and balls etc. Buy a few and rotate their use as a way to keep your dog behaviour training interesting.

Some final advice on dog behaviour, when you catch your dog chewing something inappropriate be sure to interrupt her immediately and provide a suitable alternative and give lavish praise when this is accepted as a way of reinforcing good behaviour.