Stop Dogs from Digging

The two main reasons for dog digging are that your dog may be too hot or too cold. Your dog is able to adjust his body temperature by digging and lying in a hole. Unlike humans, dogs can’t remove their clothing or add layers, so they have to come up with other ways to get relief from the weather conditions.

In addition, dogs dig due to boredom. A dog that is apart from his master all day can easily become bored. A dog that is left alone will find ways to entertain himself. Sadly, this might be digging!

They will need to be channeled in alternate directions in order to stop the digging behavior. Usually all you will need to so is provide your dog with a digging patch where he will not be punished. Particular breeds are given to digging. It will require additional patience to stop certain breeds from digging.

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The following tips should help to stop dogs from digging up your yard:

  1. Put an unpleasant “present” in the hole dug by your dog. Dogs often start to dig, leave the hole for a while, then return later to resume the digging. Place the surprise in the hole while your dog is away. One idea is a water spray mixed with bitter apple, which may be purchased from pet stores.


  2. Another way to stop dogs from digging is by filling the holes with waste found in your garden. Clean dirt is preferred by most dogs. Add dead leaves, sticks, rocks, and mulch to the hole and cover it with a thin layer of soil. When your dog returns to his digging activities and finds these unwanted items in his hole, he will probably stop digging. If you find that this doesn’t work, try filling the hole and spraying it with bitter apple. Most dogs will cease to dig in that spot as they dislike the smell.


  3. Give your dog his own spot where he is free to dig without fear of punishment. Digging is part of a dog’s nature. It will probably take a while for you to teach your dog to confine his digging to that area but it is certaivly possible. Stop your dog from digging in your back yard by giving him his own spot where he is free to dig holes.

    This could be a sandbox or you could cordon off an area that is not landscaped. If you bury a few dog treats that your dog can find, this will teach him that he is free to dig in that spot. If your dog has previously been chastized for his digging activities, he may require extra encouragement. Once he realizes that he is allowed to dig in that area, he will be a happy dog.


  4. Once you give your dog his own area in which to dig, you will need to maintain the excitement for him. Once in a while, a toy or snack should be buried as a surprise for him. As dogs get bored with digging in the same area, he may decide that another part of your backyard looks more interesting.

    Occasionally, you should replace the dirt in your dog’s digging area. Dogs like fresh soil better than hard earth. As well, your dog will sometimes like to dig under the fence rather than in his own digging patch. Sprinkle your flowerbeds with animal essence, which is used by hunters to attract animals. Dogs may stop digging when they smell other animals.

This will stop your dog from digging anywhere other than his own digging patch. Remember that digging is natural for them and they are not being spiteful when they do so.

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