The many features of quality dog bath tubs

Every dog owner needs a place where they can bathe their dog. Even if you have your dog groomed on a regular basis you may need to clean up a dog who has gotten into trouble. Most people like the idea of having a dog bath tub that is only used for their dog instead of using the family tub. Using dog wash tubs has many advantages. When you bathe your dog at home you can have a lot in grooming costs. Having a dog bathtub also means that your dog won’t be putting scratches in your tub and leaving a dirty ring around the tub.
You will need to know what size of bathtub you will need for your dog. Measure your dog’s height and length to make sure you get a tub which is a good fit for the size of your dog. Look for dog bathtubs which has a collar system you can use to hold your dog in the tub while you wash him. There are many different types of dog bathtubs. After you determine the proper size you can them take a look at features. 
Features worth taking a look at include flow and temperature control, a good drainage system, and a hand held nozzle to rinse your dog. You might also want to look at portable dog bathtubs which allow you to set them up only when you need them. Your four footed friend will probably be a little anxious the first few times you give him a bath in his new tub. 
You dog will learn to love it the more you use it. Make sure not to use sudden movements when bathing your dog. It is a good idea to start with the head and work your way down to the tail area. When rinsing your dog make sure not to spray water directly into its face or ears. Before you remove the collar restraint dry the dog as much as possible.