What is The Best No-Vets Dog Arthritis Cure?


Do you have a pet dog? Maybe, an older dog? Have you seen him lamely walking everywhere and he seems to have a really hard time in doing any activity like jumping, leaping or running? Is he not doing these things the way he’s doing it when he was young? Maybe your old holler has arthritis. Yes, dogs can have arthritis, too, just like humans. When people beging to grow old, the predicament of arthritis comes without any signs. But although old age can also be the reason why dogs get arthritis, the first reason for this dog disease is because of the results of all those running and jumping around or maybe, at one time or another, he has experienced some kind of injuries which can lead to dog joint pain. In order to aid your old holler, he also has to undergo some regular pet health test. As part of his regular pet health exam, the vet will focus on the muscles and bones that will help your dog move. Starting at the neck, the vet can help by running his hand along the spine to the base of the tail. There, he can feel the muscles on both sides of the spine and he might notice if any feel unusually firm or knotted. Dogs can get a variety of conditions that will lead to muscle spasms in their back muscles.

Your pet doctor or maybe even you, can press any tightened muscles and take careful note of that area. A common situation in hyperactive canines is to develop fusing of the spinal column. This can lead to decreased mobility, pinched vertebrae and back pain. Your dog will greatly benefit from the usual pressing of the lower lumbar spinal muscles. Place your hands on either side of the spine and use deep circular digital pressure with your thumbs. Work on the affected area once daily for 5 minutes. You can learn this from your vet and if you want your dog to feel fast relief, you can go for a dog arthritist medication.

If you go looking for medications, there are several options that you can find, from your vet and even online. A variety of herbs are used at different times for dog arthritis. Devil’s Claw is used in traditional African medicine and has scientific studies to back its effectiveness. You or your vet can give your dog 100mg or 10 drops per 10 lbs of body weight. Using acupressure is also one of the efficient techniques to let your dog overcome arthritis. Methylsulfonymethane or MSM is another supplement, found in some plants such as Horsetail. It works by reducing inflammation in the joints by acting as an antioxidant – this has been shown to work well in treating dog arthritis. The right dosage for MSM is 50mg per 10lbs of body weight daily.

These are just some of the treatments that might be used in your dog for his arthritis. However, for the best dog arthritis relief and in its purest, natural and safe form, you can go to this site called dog-arthritis-treatment.com by following one of the links above.