An Overview Of The English Tack Items

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Horse tack is the short name for all of the accessories and items that go along with owning and riding a horse. These horse supply items provide many different accessories for different ways of riding horses. There are several main types of tacks, one most notably being the English tack. Horse tack can be bought in many different places, but some stores specialize in particular tack supplies.

There are several main components to the English tack that are different than Western horse tack. Of course, the basic elements are there; the saddle, bridles, stirrups, bits, and harnesses, but for English horses, many of these different items have their own unique twist. Horse riding has been a popular sport in Europe for many years, almost since horses became used for riding, so it is not surprising that they have their own styles of horse supply. The English horse equipment is used for most Olympic sports, and is also used for most other equestrian sports.

The English saddle is different from the western saddle because it is smaller and allows the horse a greatest range of motion. The English bridle has a Cavesson noseband, and is mostly used because it has the greatest functionality. Another English bridle, called the double bridle, has two bits for maximum control by the rider. English riders also use a breastplate to protect the horse in dangerous activities, such as jumping and fox hunting. There is also a difference not only in accessories between the English and Western styles of horse supply, but also in riding style. English riding focuses more on style and precision, while Western riding focuses more on abilities that the horse and rider can do together.

If you want to purchase English tack supplies for your horse, there are many different options. Most tack supply shops offer both the English and Western styles of tack. There are also many different discount tack stores that sell discount riding accessories and tack supplies. These used items can really cut down on costs for those who can’t afford all new materials. The English horse tack is sometimes harder to find, but there are still options. Many stores sell the equipment pieces online. Shipping online can sometimes be expensive, but it can be worth it to get the equipment you need shipped to you. Professional advice can be a huge help in deciding what equipment to purchase.

English tack accessories are necessary for certain types of riding. If someone is involved with this style of riding, then they will need the English horse tack items that go along with it. There are many different shops that sell horse tack, so it should not be hard to find what you need. If this style is new to you, then consult with a professional before buying equipment.