Approaches to Arabian Horse Training

Having mentioned in books of history, one of the most famous breeds of horses are the Arabian horses. Being submissive and loyal are the traits they are most known for. The rider themselves or the trainer could do the Arabian horse training. You have to first decide on how you wish to have your horse trained. You have to maintain a special bond between you and your horse if you want to train him all by yourself. Furthermore hiring a private trainer could be very expensive too.

Put in mind that no two horses are alike before you start training Arabian horse. There are some horses who could learn and be trained faster while there are also some who are comparatively slow. Arabian horse training, however, is actually quite easy.

If you look into history, you would find that Arabian horses were used to protect tents and as war horses back then. In addition, those who were allowed to mate to maintain the lineage are the best horses. You can be assured that the Arabian horses today are the offspirngs of the very best Arabian horses in history.

Arabian horse training is generally very easy as Arabian horses are very intelligent and fast learners. Some reinforcement such as salt lick associated with training could speedy up the their learning process. They develop a good connection with the rider they could trust. Don’t hip or bash an Arabian horse. Doing that would result in them losing trust in humans and it would make them difficult to train eventually.

Being fast learners Arabian horses can learn the wrong practices too as soon as it can learn good ones. They are also not very patient with a new, abusive and inexperienced trainer. It is recommendable that a trainer with experience and confidence would try training an Arabian horse.

Arabian horses are not very patient with children either and can get stressed up seeing kids around them. If your kids want to ride an Arabian horse, it would be best if he has some experience on riding camps first.

Keep in mind that the horse is like one of the family. If you don’t to face any problems with him in the future, treat your horse with love, compassion and respect. Horses are very sensitive animals that can get unnerved very easily. For proper training, they need to have complete trust in their trainer. The trainer can win this trust by treating the horse with due respect.

Arabian horse training can be very exciting and fulfilling. Whether you decide to train the horse yourself or hire a trainer, give your horse all the love he deserves and he shall be amiable to any kind of training you wish to give him.