Importance of Training Young Horses

In order to build the personality and physique of a horse, it is important to train young horses. You might be confused at the different kinds of tips you can see regarding horse training. There might be some contradicting tips that would make it hard for your to judge which one is best to follow.

Horses, like humans are of various types and personalities. They could either be fast learners or slow to understand. Before you start training your horse, know his personality first. Although they may have the same breed, each horse is relatively different from each other and each has his/her own characteristics. Knowing the development rate of a horse would give you and idea on how much training must be given to the horse as well as the ways on modulating the training schedule appropriately.

The right time to train a horse is when they’re already 5 years old. You can start training them now but keep in mind that they are still on their tender age and you should be extra flexible with them. It is not advisable to be stern in training them for it might affect their over all development. Making the 5 year old horse understand the feeling of having a saddle on the back is your main agenda.

You would observe that mountain horses can start being trained when they are just 2 years of age. Arabian horses, on the other hand, have a slower development rate and might not understand your teaching by that age. There should be no comparisson between horses since each horse is entirely different from the other.

Don’t train young horse like they’re full grown horses. An average of 15-30 minutes training sessions for them is enough.

Choose the appropriate environment for training young horses. The training environment would help keep your horse calm and composed for it to absorb your instructions correctly and not disobey. Look for a ground that is not sandy. A sandy ground would be tiring for the horse as it would need to exert more to pull out its legs as the legs would sink in the sand. Avoid slanting field too since it would also tire the horse. In training young horses, you must choose a level ground.

Look for a good trainer to train your horse. They have already dealt with lots of horses and have ample experience to understand the horse and train it suitably. Start training young horses but do not over do it, too much of stress on training at this age can inhibit the development of the horse and mar it for life.