Training A Circus Horse

A training technique called the ‘clicker horse training program’ is used for circus horse training. The horse is taught to associate something which interests him like food through the clicker. This method is a type of engineered conditioning. While training the horse he is made to hear the clicker and every time the clicker sound is used he is given say food. Thus, the horse will start to relate the sound of clicker with food.

This is a very useful technique to give encouragement to the horse help him understand his correct behavior. Through this clicker training program, the trainer and the horse could form a bond and understanding of each other, thus making them perform as a team.

Some people might wonder why is a clicker needed in circus horse training since by the time of doing tricks, the horse are always in contact with humans. Why is there a need to use the clicker and why is it a huge success in horse training?

For most trainers, the clicker horse training program is very useful and flexible. They just added the clicker to their training technique too. To further convey the message clearer to the horse, you can use the clicker so the horse’s behavior could be modulated in smaller steps at a time. The clicker horse training method can also be extremely useful for more complex training techniques.

It is highy ideal for circus horse training. This also gives the absolute moment for the horse that would be very helpful in circus’ training complicated tricks since there are no physical contacts with the trainer required. It eventually becomes a communication tool between the trainer and the horse. Moreover, this also perk up the confidence of the horse in handling and performing making them less shaky. Clicker horse training is known to work like magic with horses that have emotional disturbances too.

Clicker horse training is developed from “free shaping method”. Using this method, the horse is given food to eat while the clicker is used in the background. This is repeated every time the horse is given food. The horse will then start to relate the sound of the clicker with food. Through this, the clicker can be used to mark the behavior of the horse which he must repeat every time.

Molding is another type of circus horse training. Here you show the horse the physical position you wish him to take, example: If you want that the horse should place his feet on a mat, you place your feet on the mat as an indicator of what is expected from the horse. This technique works only on mild and tame horses.

Clicker horse training lets you use your various circus horse training techniques, but without the need of any extra pressure. This technique is based on the understanding between the trainer and the horse. It teaches the horse to be responsive without being forced to, thereby preventing any backlash from the horse.