Training A Horse The Right Way

Before thinking of buying a horse you must first learn how to train a horse. Horses can be easily intimidated and this would make him difficult to handle. So the first step is to see that it is completely calm. As opposed to an aggressive horse, a calmed horse is easier to lead. It is also dangerous to deal with an aggressive horse. The trainer must have a lead rope and a proper halter to lead the horse with patience. Never rush a horse, it can make him jumpy and difficult to handle.

Using the lead rope, touch the horse lightly. The lead rope must be crossed to the back and the hindquarters. Try walking along with your horse. Don’t try to force the horse to walk with you. Observe your horse if he will follow you by trying to step to your left or to your right. Let your horse relax and meander around the place for a while if he doesn’t. This will ensure that the horse is not scared and would gradually learn to abide by the instructions given.

Training the horse in unfamiliar environment would help make him interested in the training rather than making him too comfortable to just one surrounding. Try including sharp turns, forward movements and back-ups in your training and maintain the abrupt stop by pulling it back. If the horse still refuse to follow, you can try grabbing his attention by putting some pressure on its nose.

You have to understand the horse carefully before you get down to training it. Each horse has his own individual traits so their training must be easily adjusted to. Horses are also very receptive to the mood of the trainer. If you are nervous or in a rush, your horse could feel it too making them difficult to train. Relax the nerves of the horse first before you start with the training. An aggressive horse is indeed exhausting to train and it might leave you disappointed and your horse more bullheaded.

Deal with horses with enough care and patience. Once they understand that you do not mean them harm they will follow you like a puppy. You have to let your horse feel and understand your actions, expressions, and tones. You should keep your attitude loving towards the horse and you shall easily be able to train it. To make the horse comfortable with the rope and not get scared of it, familiarize him with it and its movements. Study the different skills in training a horse and take everything one step at a time.