Fashion Boots for Horseback Riding

Horseback Riding boots back then were supposed to be made of high heels to prevent the foot from slipping though the stirrup . Classic boot are high enough to the leg to prevent the leathers of the saddle touching the leg of the rider .

Today the modern horseback riding boot are low-heeled, a heel of less than one-inch but Cowboy Boots typically keep a higher heel other than modern-riding boots .

Because of each rider’s taste of fashion in riding, different styles of riding boots are made. There are for horse shows and pleasure horseback riding boots . There are also tall boots which ends just below the knee of the rider including field, dress, and hunting boots .

To elaborate, Field horseback riding boots have ankle lacing, for the rider to be comfortable with the highly flexed ankle developed for shorter stirrup length required for work over fences . For Hunt Seat Equitation (forward seat riding), show jumping and fox hunting, these boots are favored. At times you may see them at the streets worn by police officers as part of their Class A uniforms .

Dress horseback riding boots are made rigid than the usual. They are usually worn by dressage riders, eventers and riders of show jumpers .

If you have Hunting as a hobby, Hunt or Top horseback riding boots are suitable, it usually comes in black and has a cuff which the end is generally turned up. Heavier version with deep-ridged soles are built for general work and gardening and is not recommended for riding.

Field and many Paddock boots has a toe cap, it is an extra layer of leather on the toe . During World War II, Brown Tall, Field or Dress Boots are common .

For pleasure riding and everyday use, paddock boots are used that often comes just above the ankle. Instead of Tall boots, Paddock boots are more favored because of their less cost for rapidly growing children.

Your horseback riding boots may be your important purchase and it doesn’t have to be a ‘riding boot’, as long as the sole and heels are appropriate .