Lessons in Horseback Riding

Equestrian in a common term is Horseback Riding that is a skill of riding, diving, or vaulting with horses . It incorporates the use of Horse for sensible working purposes, recreational programs, artistic and cultural exercises and action-packed sports .

Horseback riding lesson aids are important to every rider, regardless of their experience . The support that we need to start with Horseback Riding Lessons are with us.

We have our natural gears to assist us and these are our hands, legs and voice for communication . Artificial aids, these are instruments that riders use in addition to their bodies and voice .The danger to these aids is they can injure, terrify or alter the personality of the horse, while we are on lessons .

To begin with, you will be trained to cue your horse or pony to come subtly beside you. Ten minutes may be required at the most to establish your relationship with the horse . For the horse to remain still on the first you will mount on, a help will be appreciated for it to stay in its place. A mounting block could help you ride the horse from the ground . It will be much better if we consider your height as well as your horse’s to have a proper stirrup length.

The near side of the horse is the most often used area when mounting but you should be able to climb on from the off side as well. Lead your horse out of the stable, it is not highly suggested to ride your horse in a confined area with low roofs and doorways .

On horseback riding lessons, you should sit properly on the saddle for you to take grasp an secure your horse easily . A good body alignment including the hands and legs is a good point on horseback riding. To familiarize yourself with the correct position, allow familiarization time for 30 minutes.

Aside from these, you will also be taught by your trainer how to walk and halt during horseback riding lessons, how to direct reign your horse to left and right, to neck reign, sit the trot, canter or lope, keeping your heels downs and to dismount .

During your horseback riding lessons, your trainer will explain everything during your learning process.