Tips for Horseback Riding

Learn about leading your horse, safe tying, and grooming your horse before you begin you ride . You will learn basic horseback riding tips by mounting the horse, leading it to walk, reining, trotting, jogging, or to lope and other related tips .

On mounting your horse, make sure that your horse stands still quietly . It is not suggested to mount on closed areas with low headrooms and is better suggested to have it on open areas.

To prevent your foot from being caught in the stirrup if ever the horse gets upset, you should keep your heels down while horseback riding . You should observe proper body mechanics by keeping your head and shoulders up, sit straight or lean slightly .

It gives you the secure position for riding .

A good horseback riding tip tells you to be in charge of your ride, and wear sturdy boots. To feel alight contact between your hands and the bit, gather your reins . Clutch the body of the horse near the girth area by both using your legs. The same time you cue with your legs, cue with your seat by leaning forward evenly with your seat muscles .

While trailing, you should gauge the direction you will direct your horse. Maintain your agility and balance should be stable.

An additional horseback riding tip is to cue for a halt, close your fingers and squeeze backward . When the horse felt the backwards pull on the reins, the horse will stop . If the horse is hesitant to stop, you have to apply a firmer, stronger aid, tugging towards the rear.

Another tip is that you may find the first experience of trotting a little rough. Make sure you are feeling relaxed and secure at the walk before cueing your horse to trot . The signal will be the pressure of the legs and sitting snugly at the saddle. Try to sit and keep your back flexible to absorb the bumps . Stay with the motion to avoid getting left behind when you’ve already discovered the rhythm

These are a few of the horseback riding tips to see the safest way while trailing .