How Important Are Horse Blankets?

horse blankets

Thinking of investing in a riding horse? While many people prefer to have the easy-to-manage domestic pets, there are some who prefer to take care of bigger animals, like horses. Therefore, it is important to provide them with the right horse tack supply items, especially horse blankets.

Saddle blankets are made to keep horses warm. These blankets are also ideal for protection from wind and other elements. These types of blankets vary in sizes. In fact, most of them are custom-made to perfectly fit around the body of the horse from his chest to rump. Blankets for horses have straps that cross underneath their belly.

Although the blanket are heavily secured and fastened, horses can still move about freely. The most common of these blankets normally have one or two straps that securely buckle in front. However, there are also some designs with closed front, thus requiring it to be slipped over the head of the horse. Also, there are those that have smaller straps lightly lopped around the hind legs of the horse that help to prevent the blanket form slipping sideways.

Horses wear horse blankets especially when they are traveling and they are designed with different weights for different weather conditions; water-resistance blankets are also available. Presently, almost all of these blankets are created and made with the toughest of modern materials. These materials are also the ones used on human outdoor wear. Additionally, blankets for horses also help to keep their hair short. Preventing winter coats is also possible when they are used all throughout autumn. These are also suitable for horses with a partial trace clip or full body clip.

The Cooler is another of the many kinds of horse blankets. It is that square blanket that is tied and then draped over the horse that has just been bathed or has just completed a hot and sweaty, intense workout. This type of blanket is placed on the horse while it is being walked to cool down. This provides better air circulation for the horse to dry off, while preventing drafts and chills that can cause problems. It is always important to consider the safety and the health of your horses, and this includes the type of horse supply products that you use.