The Responsibilities Of Chinchilla Care

It’s surprising to realize that very few people actually know what a chinchilla is, often mistaking it for another animal entirely. Chinchillas can closely resemble several animals, including squirrels and rabbits, however the care of a chinchilla is quite different than either of those animals! The care of a chinchilla is not an entirely difficultĀ  process, however there are some necessary steps to follow.

One of the most noticeable, and possibly the most annoying habit that chinchillas possess is the inability to control their chewing instinct. A chinchilla will literally chew almost anything, as this is its way of exploration. Some take annoyance from this habit, but it can be quite a cute thing to see when the chinchilla uses its hands to hold the object it nibbles so furiously at. This habit can be much more bearable if you keep items around that are safe for the chinchilla to chew, and present them to him purposely. Feeding a chinchilla often|as often as you can, without hindering his health] [may

The socialization process is also important no matter the animal involved in the process. All pets need certain levels of social interaction to really get accustomed to their new homes. This can be accomplished by simply feeding them out of your hand or even letting them explore a little outside of their cages. If you decide to let it out, make sure to have a small barricaded area set up for them. This is important because chinchillas are fast and can jump relatively high. Once the pen is set up feel free to sit in there with him and let him interact with you.

By following all of these pet chinchilla care steps you will not only have a fantastic relationship with your chinchilla you will also have a healthy pet. They really are amazing creatures and great pets to have. So make sure to treat your chinchilla properly.