A Specialized Home: Bluebird House

While bluebirds will sometimes nest in a birdhouse that is not designed specifically for their species, they are more likely to nest in a bluebird house, meaning one that is designed specifically for them.On how to build a bluebird house there are different plans are available for free.  These plans usually also give instructions on the placement and care of the bird house so that there is the best chance possible for the birds to nest there.  If the person’s house is not in a wooded area or at least one that has a lot of trees and bushes available for the bluebirds to eat from, then the bluebird house is unlikely to attract them to the area.

Habitat For Bluebird House

Bluebird houses should usually be placed in an area where there is low vegetation and some bushes in which there live insects for the bluebirds to eat.  Bluebirds will usually perch on branches of the trees to spot insects that are dwelling in these areas before flying down to capture them.  Meadows and fields are great places to put a bluebird house since it allows the birds to clearly see the insects that they eat and swoop down to eat them.

When placing the bluebird houses in the yard, they should not be placed closer than one hundred yards apart since the birds are very territorial creatures.  They do not like to be too close to each other when nesting.  It is also a good idea to place the bluebird houses at least one hundred feet from any brushy area or area with dense trees because those are places where wrens will nest which will take over the bird house if it is too close.  It should also be placed at least a quarter mile from a farmyard or barn where sparrows tend to live so that they will not be as likely to take over the bluebird house.

Birds easily find nesting material even there is feeding availability and the spacing of the bluebird houses.  These birds usually like to use grasses and pine needles as nesting material.The bluebird house should be placed in an area according to the availability of these things so that birds do not have to travel as far to carry their nesting material.As pesticides poisons birds, there should be no use of pesticides.