Attracting Wild Birds to Your Garden

There are many easy ways to attract wild birds to your garden. Providing them with the food they enjoy and a safe place for them to eat is the easiest way. Garden bird feeders are ideal for providing food for them. During the winter, when food is hard to find they can be especially helpful.

Attract different wild bird species by putting out their favorite foods. Finches are attracted to thistle bird feeders that hold the tiny seeds they love. Spillage can be prevented by using tube feeders which also keep the seeds dry and mold free. Watch the birds feed from the comfort of you home with a window bird feeder.

You can purchase bird feeders specially designed for woodpeckers,goldfinches and hummingbirds. Attract the birds by placing them close to your birdhouse in a safe place. Check the food in the bird feeder daily to make sure it is dry and mold free. Spilled food around bird feeders will attract ants and wasps so make sure you clean it up every day.

It is most beneficial to feed the birds in the winter but food can be in short supply at other times of the year too. Food shortages can happen at any time of year so provide food to help them all year round. Fledglings can be affected by shortages of food during the breeding season so put out suitable food for them at this time.

Provide water in the form of water pans or bird baths which also provides a safe place for the birds to clean their feathers and preen. Provide water at various levels as some birds will prefer water at ground level, others prefer water in containers above the ground. Only fill containers to a few inches and place containers away from bird feeders as birds like quiet places to bathe and preen. Birds will be attracted by the sounds of water running. Attach a water dripper to your bird bath. It will attract the birds and also prevent mosquitoes breeding in the water.

Provide a natural environment in part of your garden to enhance the wild birds sense of security. Wild flowers and trees can be allowed to grow wild in an area of the garden to make them an attractive and safe place.