Bird Aviary Basics

It is highly reccommended you find suitable housing for your bird if you choose to keep at home.The impact on the lifetime of the parrot will rest on what type and size of bird aviary you choose.
A large aviary would be best. The birds want to climb, stretch and play so it’s essential there is adequate space for the parrot to do this inside rather than it just sitting on a perch placed inside the bird aviary.
it is expected your bird aviary will have horizontal bars. So as to make it easier for the parrot when climbing inside the aviary. It is advisable to examine the space between the bars is at a safe spacing so as not injure itself.
There is several different criteria to think of before purchasing your bird aviary do not purchase one on price alone. The material used in constructing the bird aviary may not be of good quality and may also pose as a danger for the parrot. I
Conventionally, bird aviaries have doors and latches. When choosing your aviary avoid purchasing this option as it can cause injury to the animals beak, head, neck or wing. Detachable ones are best as they are the safest.
Unfortunately the birds produce waste. It would be easier if the bird aviary had a pull out tray on the bottom to make it easier for the bird owner to pull out and clean. You will find this easier than going inside to clean the bird aviary of droppings, which will take a long time to clean.
Thebird aviary should have a specified area where the bowl will be placed. Some manufacturers sell them with plates inside while others have to be bought separately. Use a removable one as it will need to be claeaned twice a day before and after feeding.
Your bird will find it easier to get to his food if the peerch is place nearby.
Having a pet big or small is an big responsibility. You and your parrot should have a spacious and safe bird aviary for many years.