Choose Any of These Parrots for Best Training Results

Parrots when handled right have a kind nature and make good friends. Parrots can be taught how to talk and sing. They can even produce strange sounds to keep us occupied. They live long years and have life spans of around sixty to a hundred year. So, you can be friends with them for the rest of your life. There are many parrots but these are the ones that can be most easily trained. Get our parrot training newsletter for more info.

African Grey

These parrots are medium sized and are usually of a greyish colour. They have grey body and sometimes red on the tail or wing. This parrot has amazing speech capacity. They can actually speak words clearly, imitating accents. Unfortunately not all Grey's will speak. Sometimes a Grey will never talk or show any signs of talking. Give them lots of attention to make friends or they will be likely to scream alot. Once you make friends, the bird will be the most loyal pet you could ever hope for.


These parrots are small sized and have very big tails attached to their bodies. You can find them in many different colours and are smart. They love to play all day long. They are also good at learning tricks and taking up training effectively. You can teach them to speak is you have patience. The down side of these parrots are that they are best suited for owners who can pay them a lot of attention and constantly accompany them; basically owners who spend most of their time at home.

This is because they need several hours of training every day to learn how to socialize, not bite the owner and correct behavioural defects. These birds like to screech a lot. Give them a lot of attention to prevent this.


These parrots have been known to survive for about more than fifty years and knowing this you should be ready for a long relation with your bird. Get a big cage because this is a big parrot. To ensure that the parrot is happy get a tall cage. Give this parrot plenty of time outside of its cage to get used to its area.

Having strong beaks will make this parrot bite a lot of stuff. Therefore you have to be careful they don't destroy your furniture. Stimulate this parrot constantly with toys.

Remember parrot training is important, never neglect your parrot or you could end up with parrot behaviour problems.