Enjoying The “Trills” Of Nature With A Bird House

There are many different types of bird species, each with different nesting needs.  That means that bird houses must be constructed according to the type of bird that the person wants to nest in the house.  In addition, there are other animals that enjoy bird houses for homes, such as squirrels and even wasps.  Since this is the case, it is often wise to build several different bird houses at a time so that the unwelcome guests can use one or two and the birds that are desired in the homes can use the other ones.  There are some species of birds that are on the decline in their populations, so finding bird house plans that will support or attract these species to nest is helpful in preserving them for the future, such as the bluebird.

Bird House: Building a Home

There are some species of birds that require a bird house to be mounted on a pole so that pests and predators are less likely to be able to disturb the nest.  The main predators that can disturb nesting birds are those that can climb into treesto get into the nest, such as cats, snakes, squirrels and raccoons.  These creatures enjoy a tasty snack of the bird’s eggs or even the little nestling, so it is important to plan the bird house in such a way so as to provide the best protection possible for the nesting mother and eggs.

Size of the bird house should be according to the size of the bird that will be nesting in it.Smaller entrance for smaller birds helps the bird to stay safer from predators and it makes more difficult for them to reach into the bird house for eggs.  In addition, there should be a drainage hole in the bottom of the bird house so that any water that happens to get into the house or any waste material can filter out through the bottom of the box rather than sitting and getting moldy.

A bird house that is built of wood is better than as it naturally deters insects from the house.  In this way the home does not get overrun with these pests, thus deterring the birds from nesting in it.  For those who like to be able to see the progress in the nest, there are houses that can be built with a front that opens on hinges so that the nest can be viewed without disturbing it.