How To Attract Birds Of Different Species

species of birds

Bird watching, or “birding,” is actually a very fun and relaxing pastime that you can do while spending time with your family. With so many birds of varied types, you can easily get the attention of these feathered-creatures as long as you provide them with the right bird feeding environment, such as with bird feeders that are full of wild bird food. To choose the right type of feeder and seed, it is important that you understand and identify the types of birds you wish to attract.

The first thing to do is to learn more about the varied types of feeders. In general, the various species of birds can use any one of the four varieties of feeders, which are the hopper bird feeders, tube feeders, tray feeders, and the suet bird feeders. The most common of them are the hopper feeders and typically they look like a gazebo or a barn. On the other hand, a tube feeder is cylindrical in shape and is designed with a number of perches, with tiny holes in the tube for feeding. Tray feeders, also called platform feeders or ground feeders, can provide you with an unobstructed view of birds since you can place these feeders close to the ground. These types of feeders generally have an open design. Suet feeders are made from wires and hold suet cakes. Aside from these four common types, there is also the Hummingbird feeder, which will attract this incredibly unique bird for your viewing pleasure.

Once you understand the four major bird feeders, the next step is to find out the types of birds you wish to attract. In bird viewing, you can quite possibly attract many birds of different varieties, yet some of them may need different types of birdseed. However, hopper feeders can work well with almost all types of bird seed. If you wish to attract smaller and more interesting bird types, then tube feeders are the answer. These are generally ideal for watching Nuthatches or Chickadees. On the other hand, larger bird species are great viewed when feeding on platform or ground feeders. Aside from providing bird seeds, find time also to observe your yard for any predators. To avoid squirrels, you can opt for the suet or tube feeders since these are excellent squirrel proof bird feeder options. But then again, any type of feeder is suitable as long as you place them in spots and areas where squirrels do not have easy access.

Birds of different species, in general, will accept any bird seed. Also, your bird feeders should always be kept clean; otherwise, dirt, mold and bacteria might develop on the feeder and might be hazardous to the birds. There are some considerations you need to think about when it comes to caring for migratory birds. The most important of it all is to have the proper feeder and lots of food, especially through the long, cold winter months.