The Exotic bird most suitable for your children.

one of the most ideal pets for kids are birds, especially parrots. The reason for this is parrots exhibit extraordinary intelligence and therefore people and especially children find it easy to relate to them. In addition to their great intelligence, parrots are a wonderful pet for children who are just beginning to speak, as parrots imitate sounds and the human language.

If you want your kids to have a parrot, you need to do research first. After doing a complete research regarding different types of parrots, you should now be able to figure out which parrot is best for your children. You should learn how to take the proper care of these birds; your parrot up-keep will also be a good lesson for your children.

The lifespan of a parrot has been known to exceed 50 years. It means that if you decide to have it as a pet, it will be a lifelong commitment not only for you but for your kids as well. If you are willing to take care of this pet for the rest of your lives, then, you should contemplate very well what species you want to have.

Of all the kinds of exotic pet birds out there, parrots are very popular because they have at least 18 different species. These species that are of the same family will differ in the behavior and their personalities. This depends on where the birds originate from as a species and their natural habitat.

Due to their intellect and ease of training, the African Grey parrot are ideal smart parrots for your child. The reason these birds need more care and attention is that they are very intelligent. This conclusion has been reached by comparing them to other birds.

There are other parrot species available for you to choose from including Eclectus, Macaws, Cockatiels and Lorikeet. For each one of the species it will require a special diet as well as training skills so that they can live happy healthy lives. For children, experts recommend finches, budgies/parakeets and cockatiels as the best parrot species because of their level of intelligence and ability to interact with kids.