Tips To Help You Find Proper Feeders For The Birds

tube feeders

A lot of people, especially nature lovers, love to see different types of birds right in their own backyards, as they find this to be a very relaxing and truly satisfying experience. Aside from just observing the birds that come and go, these people always take the time to provide the migratory birds with the proper feeders, as well as wild bird seed. In bird feeding, the number one consideration you should always think about is finding the right type of bird feeder.

There are various types of feeders today. From the conventional tube feeders, suet bird feeders and the squirrel proof feeders, to the more elaborate decorative bird feeders, you have a lot of options to choose from. Providing the right feeders and food will always make them come back. One of the most popular and commonly used bird feeder is the tube variety. They are specially designed to efficiently hold seed blends or seed mixes, or even sunflower seeds or chips. Being the most popular type of feeder, it is available in different sizes, ranging from just six inches to over three feet long. There are some skinny feeders too, as well as wide ones.

Hopper feeders are very popular among homeowners because of the affordability and durability. And since they are designed to accommodate almost all of the types of the birds that are indigenous to specific areas, people normally prefer to have this one at home. Hopper feeders are commonly made from all wood but there are some today that are designed with clear plastic sides and are made from cedar wood. You can also try using suet feeders for a squirrel-free feeder. Some examples of suet feeders are the log and sandwich varieties, both aimed at keeping nuisance animals away from the food. Furthermore, for those small migratory birds, such as Chickadees, Nuthatches, and the likes, the Duncraft’s “Cling a Wing” bird feeder is ideal.

There is lots of bird feeding equipment available today. For bird watchers and bird lovers, it is very important that care is taken of the birds that visit your place. Aside from providing them with the necessary wild bird food, be sure to give them the right bird feeder. Additionally, take time to clean the feeders so you will a have a safer and cleaner environment for your flighty friends. After all, wouldn’t it be nice to see nature at its finest right in your very own backyard?