Ferret Care Is Not As Hard As You Think

Ferrets are available to purchase at your local pet store or breeder, also you may be able to find one at a animal shelter. Because they live a long life just like a cat or dog, it is important that you know how to care for them and keep them healthy, happy pets.

Ferrets are nocturnal animals that like to sleep during the day. When they wake up, it is best to let them out so they can play and exercise. When you do let your pet out, it is best to make sure all electrical cords are secure, any small item are put away and all small spaces are blocked so they can not squeeze in to them. Doing this will stop your ferret from getting lost or inuring themselves.

These mammals are carnivores and need a strict diet. What this means is they is they should only be fed meat or poultry products as they need a high protein diet to keep them healthy. There are many ferret food products available for you to purchase on the internet. But never make the mistake of feeding your pet cat food.

Besides from food, your ferret will obviously need water. It is advisable to put this in a water bottle, this will stop them spilling the contents.

Your ferret must never be left unattended while in your home. If you do have to pop out then use a cage, that is what they are there for. The ideal cage size is one that measures 18” x 18” x 30” or a little bigger. The main thing here is for you to make sure that it is big enough for them to move around in.

Ferrets are curious creatures and love toys, purchasing some is useful if you have to come home late from work so they will have something to do until you return. The toys you buy will have to be robust, as they will need to be able to withstand their sharp teeth. Again these are readily available to you on the internet.

You need to house train your pet, this way you will keep your home clean. A good way to do this is with a litter box, start by putting some of there waste inside the box and carrying them when you see that they are about to do it.

You should reward them with a light snack, if they do this correctly. Giving them a treat can also be done when you teach them how to do some neat tricks.

Some people will tell you its best to buy a ferret while it is still at a very young age, this is because they are easier to train while still young, than an older one. But despite the age, they still make a good pet and can still be trained at an older age, with a bit more effort.

Ferret care is not difficult, all it takes is a bit of common sense and you will be able to handle it ok. You are sure to enjoy the company of your furry friend for many years to come and might even decide to add another one so your pet has company.

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