Credit crunch hitting those with pets harder

Animal charities and sussex vets have noticed that the Credit crunch is now taking our tolls to on our fluffy friends.

Shelters are seeing a disturbing rise in the amount of pets that are being dropped into clinics, cats and dogs in particular. In this time of economic downturn where buisnesses are crumbling all around us, our animal companions seem to be being hit just as hard as us, as owners struggle with their own bills as well as their pets. The family pets are being dropped in the middel of no-where and left to fend for themselves or taken to animal shelters to be rehomed.

So what has also contributed to this? We’ve just started a new year, which means some families will have had a new pet this xmas, only for the families employment status changing suddenly, meaning the family pet being the last one in will be the first one out of the door, trying not to give little ‘johnny’ and ‘suzy’ too much time to become attached (too late for that). Another reason is people are forced to downgrade to smaller living quarters which have a no pets policy.

Can the animal hospitals cope with this sudden influx of casualties?

Alot of animal charities and re-homing centres are close to full, now unfortunetly only taking in the most severe of emergency cases. With people being more stingy with their belts charities and shelters in general are recieving less money as ‘charity begins at home’.

The light at the end of the tunnel is that January saw some shelters report a increase in people adopting animals, most animal charities are still seeing more animals arriving than going out.