Help choosing which pet to get

So you want to buy a pet, but still unsure what to get -here some help on that.

  • Cats. Cats dont need to be taken out for walks, are well groomed and quiet animals (except when they want feeding). Cats are more nocturnal as well, going out and coming back in only in the mourning. Cats will cost alittle less than a dog because cats dont require the training that a dog has, but thats only alittle less.
  • Dogs. Are they ‘mans best friend’? Your canine chum will require being taken for a walk often, which can be exercise for both dog and owner. They will need to be trained and can be very loyal to their owner.
  • Rodents. Rodents. The little critters can go on for about a year and a half, though dont be surprised if they go on for alittle longer. the right sized cage is important -rats are the bigger rodent and mice may escape through bigger holes in the bars. Remember to get them a exercise wheel, but make sure it doesnt squeak so they dont keepyou up all night.
  • Rabbits and Guinea pigs. I hope your fast, because so our rabbits and guinea pigs, and sometimes returning them to their hutch is a task of its own. You’ll need a hutch for them to stay in and a run or garden for them to have a runaround in. Give them fresh lettuce/ carrots to go with their feed, and you must move their hutches into somewhere warm when winter sets in.
  • Snakes. Costly because you’ll need special accomodation made, equipment to make sure the room stays at the right temperature for them and a collection of mice for them to eat. The cost of the snake is going to depend on the size of the snake.
  • Spiders. You’ll need bugs for them to eat, a small container and a wife who wont freak out if they escape.

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