Pet Rabbits For Pets

When it’s time for your family to get a pet, there are a number of decisions to make before deciding on the ideal family pet.  There are numerous factors that you should consider when you are picking a pet for kids, including the pet’s size and eating habits.

A rabbit may seem ideal for some families because of its size and eating habits.  However, take into consideration that rabbits can be a little difficult because of their natural reactions and inclinations.  For example, rabbits are a pet that doesn’t like to be held or touched.

When you try to hold a rabbit against its will they may try to bite, kick, or scratch trying to get free of your grip.  Young children who want to hold and play with a pet shouldn’t be given a rabbit.  Rabbits just aren’t social in nature, like cats and dogs.

In addition to being hard to hold, rabbits take a good deal of time to feel at home in their new environment.  It is also a lengthy process for them to bond with their owner.  It takes time and patience to work with a rabbit before it even considers itself at home as a family pet.  Children are usually not satisfied with this type of behavior from their family pet.

Rabbits can also be destructive.  It is their natural habit to chew through anything in their environment.  Anything inappropriate for chewing should be kept away from your rabbit.  A rabbit will just as easily chew up cables and electrical wires as shoes and furniture legs.  The size or shape doesn’t matter.  Rabbits just chew.

The last thing you should keep in mind is that rabbits require time and attention.  Rabbits must be fed pellets or fruits and vegetables.  They are herbivores and will not eat any meat.  Their cage has to be cleaned every day, and they have to be supplied with fresh water constantly.  When getting supplies, you can find cheap rabbit cages online. It’s a lot of work to own a rabbit as a pet, however, for some individuals, rabbits make ideal pets.