Tips For Choosing Pet Stairs

Decorative pet stairs have become increasingly more popular in the past few years. Pet steps assist small and/or aging pets in reaching places hard from them to jump onto, such as a bed. Many models are now made with soft materials for low impact effect on the pet’s joints and bones. Types of decorative pet steps will be evaluated in this article.

Naturally, the more decorative or durable style of pet steps will be priced a bit higher than those made for pure functionality. There are high-end doggy stairs available, for example, made of cherry wood with a carpeted stair surface and accented with moldings. Other models available are even made of mahogany and contain storage areas under the stair surfaces, as well as small and large pet stairs. These models are usually priced around $34.99. Most pet steps range from $30 to about $70.

Some decorative pet steps are collapsible while others are solid in structure. Collapsible pet steps are often constructed of a plastic material, such a polyurethane. However, some collapsible models are made of canvas or carpet stretched over a frame. Sturdy structure pet steps may be constructed of plastic or wood.

If you want to buy pet steps for your pet, you may want to take into consideration the number of steps or the height of each step you require. Perhaps you’re looking for pet steps for bed side assistance. You should know the height of your bed and find a set of pet stairs that accommodate that. Also, if your dog has shorter legs, such as a Dachshund or a Basset Hound, you may want to browse around for steps that are shorter and closer together to ensure that your pet does not struggle with ascending and descending the stairs.

Colors range can be anywhere from white to mahogany. However, most models and choices are neutral colors. Decorative pet steps come in many shapes and sizes. Find one that is right for you and your furry friend.