Tracking Down A Quality Dog Walker

Pet ownership in America has often been associated with families, especially those who had someone to constantly attend to their pets’ needs. In the past, singles and couples who often worked didn’t have the luxury to own pets. However, as pets can now be trained to behave while their owners are away at work, they are now being considered more as family members and friends.

Today, the America Pet Products Association estimates that about 63% of the total number of American households are pet owners. The most popular animals chosen as pets are dogs, cats and birds especially since they are very affectionate and loyal to their owners. In turn, these pets also require an abundance of love and care.

Realistically, owners cannot always provide such love and care especially since their daily routine goes beyond home and work. Oftentimes, they face the dilemma of not knowing where or to whom they could safely entrust their pets when they have to be away for a long period of time either for vacation, an emergency trip or out-of-town engagements. For some owners, a day away from their pets is already agonizing, while for others, being away for more than a day is a big problem.

In the past, pet owners faced such dilemma by requesting their neighbors to regularly feed and occasionally look after their pets, or hauling their pets to a kennel or a relative’s house. These options are cumbersome for both the owners and pets: the owners for having to necessitate care for their pets from different people and the pets for having to deal with unfamiliar faces and environment. For pets, new faces and places can be very stressful, and to some extent, traumatic.

Today, owners are now given a new option for caregiving: the pet sitting service. This is one of the modern innovations in the country which allows owners to have the flexibility to leave their pets to a familiar face in the comfort of their own homes. Hence, this service deals with the stress and shock that owners and pets often undergo when both are separated from each other.

Pet sitting ensures that an assigned pet sitter equally provides the same love and care that pets are used to getting from their owners. A pet sitter that gets assigned to an owner becomes the regular sitter at all times. This process ensures that pets are accustomed to the same person, which reduces their stress every time their owners are away. Pet sitters see to it that all routines and quirks shared by owners and their pets are carried out, including eating, fun and exercise activities. Pet sitters also see to it that all tasks outside the routine are performed (e.g. medication and vet check-up).

For owners who avail of pet sitting services, they are assured that caregiving is given only by professional pet sitters. As such, they make sure that all pet-related concerns are reported to owners which may at times be overlooked. These include following vaccination schedules and methods in enhancing a pet’s health and behavior. The bonus? Owners are assured that their homes, apart from their pets, are safe while they are away. 

Pet sitting is an entirely refreshing experience for pet lovers and owners alike. Be part of such experience.

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